Every bag counts!


I design Thyli shopping bags using my creativity and passion for sustainability!

Bags are made from Jute/Hessian, JuCo (jute and cotton blend), Canvas, Cotton and Handlooms. Jute consumes less resources than cotton, is extremely strong, sturdy and durable. My lightweight hessian bags are made of premium grade jute fabric and are double stitched with easy clean water-resistant inner lamination and comfortable soft cotton handles. They are great for groceries, work, lunch, beach, picnic, gift or your everyday runabout! 

Bags are posted worldwide from Sydney, Australia. Here are some pics below on how the bags are made...


Designer Thyli

*Aussies use over 5 billion (5, 000, 000, 000) plastic bags a year with less than 4% being recycled. Worldwide over a trillion (1, 000, 000, 000, 000) plastic bags disposed yearly - yes that's lots of zeroes! One reusable bag can replace over a 1,000 plastic bags if you start today!

  *Source: www.cleanup.org.au

Thyli jute bag production

Thyli hessian bag production

Thyli jute bag screen print

Thyli jute bag stitching

Thyli KOTT bag