Grey 'Tuk-Tuk' / 'Auto Rickshaw' Jute / Hessian eco friendly Reusable Shopping Grocery Tote Bag

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"Tuk-tuk" on natural Jute. If the sounds of the tuk-tuk are bringing back memories of Thailand, India or South America then this Auto Rikshaw (or Tuk-Tuk as known in Thailand) eco friendly reusable bag made out of Hessian/Jute is for you. Has "Bags On The Rocks" our former brand tag however the same quality!

No harsh chemicals used in dyes. Wide Cotton tape handles for better grip that go easy on your shoulders with internal pocket for easy access to phone / keys with protective inner coating for easy cleaning. Yes, since it's made from Jute it is lightweight and strong. Print on one side only.

Can be used as a shopping bag, tote bag, gym bag, beach bag, sports bag, hand bag, lunch bag, library bag, picnic bag and of course your trip to Thailand as it can be flat packed!

Here's what our customer has said:

"Love the soft colours and the Tuk-Tuk image. Straps are comfortable - this bag makes shopping fun"

    Care Instructions -  Jute / Hessian is very resistant to dirt and spot clean / gentle sponge to wipe of any marks. The bag has a laminate on the inside and use a wet cloth to clean the inside. Do not wash as colours may run. Using a washing machine and dryer is NOT recommended as the dryer will melt the laminate.

    Dimensions: 42cm width x 32cm height x 15cm depth (gusset), handles 30cm long

    Dimensions: 16.5" width x 12.6" height x 5.9" depth (gusset), handles 15" long

    Designed by Thyli

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